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Financial Freedom Boost Session

Design Your financial freedom Boost Session

I created the Financial Freedom Toolkit to help you kick-start your journey towards financial freedom. As a special addition – only for users of the Toolkit – I offer the option of booking an extra 1,5-hour Boost Session in which we dive deeper into your personal situation during a one-on-one coaching session.

If you still have questions about your financial freedom design and/or if you are keen to get a critical look at your situation, I definitely recommend you book the Boost Session to get the maximum result out of the Toolkit.

This Boost Session allows you to really pick my brain when it comes to your journey towards financial freedom. You will get answers to all the extra questions you have after going through the Toolkit and is a great way to dot the i’s and cross the t’s when it comes to your personal situation. In the Boost Session, we will specifically zoom in on your asset strategy to determine how you can be most effective in creating financial freedom for yourself.

How does it work?

  • In preparation for the Boost Session, you send me a list with the questions you have about your personal situation and your steps towards financial freedom. You can also send me the templates and assignments from the Toolkit that you already completed. You do not need to have finished the whole Toolkit before you can plan a Boost Session
  • We plan a moment for the 1,5-hour online session. Of course, we pick a moment that suits your agenda. The session is online, using Skype or Zoom. It can be during the day, in the evening or in the weekends. Whatever works best for you; I am very flexible with my working hours 😉
  • Before the session takes place, I will take the time to review your questions and the filled-in templates you might have sent me. Using this information, I will put together an overview with my special tips and notes. These will apply to your personal situation. You will receive this overview via email before the session starts
  • During the online coaching session of 1,5 hours, we go through all the questions and tips together and refine your complete design towards Financial Freedom. There is room for new questions you may have after receiving my suggestions as we will be able to deep-dive your situation.

I am very open about my finances and will share all information I have available and that might be valuable for you, including my real estate investment strategy.

Plan a Boost Session

The 1,5-hour Boost Session, including the preparation of the session in advance, costs 247 EUR incl. VAT. If you want to book a Boost Session, sign up below and I will contact you as soon as possible. At the moment, the Boost Session is only available if you have enrolled in the Design Your Financial Freedom Toolkit as we will build upon the steps and tools that are in there.