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Living on a weekly budget of only 100 Dollars

Living on a WEEKLY BUDGET of only 100 Dollars

One of the best ways to realize your dream is to save enough money and to spend as little as possible on things that are not directly contributing to your dream. Saving costs by minimizing your daily expenses is the way to go if you are looking for a growing bank account. Although this is quite obvious, it can be very hard to actually do it. Temptations are everywhere: cool gadgets, new clothes, and fun things to do on the weekends. The opportunities to spend your money are endless. And let’s be honest: after a long week of working hard, […]

Five luxury items that suit a budget lifestyle

Five LUXURY items that suit a BUDGET lifestyle

Yes, you can be frugal, save money and lead a modest life while enjoying some luxury as well. In this article, we share with you the luxury items that suit a budget lifestyle. Be critical Over the past several years we have been very critical about the items we buy and use in our household. Especially since we know we will be moving onto a sailing boat with limited living space. Also, we are trying to spend as little money as possible to save up for this big life change. In addition to buying fewer new things, we have also […]

How much did we spend - september 2018

How much we spend in September 2018

We try to save as much money as possible to finance our dream. In the past, we were able to save enough money to pay for our three houses in cash. In 2018 we started working with a weekly budget to maximize our savings. If you are curious to know how we live on a budget of only 100 Dollars per week you can check out our blog article about it. In this blog, we give information about how much we spend in September 2018.  The weekly budget We have set our weekly budget of only 100 Euros, which is around […]

How we saved enough money to pay our houses in CASH

How to save to pay for a house in CASH

When we tell people that we don’t have a mortgage for our house, their reaction often is disbelief. If we add that we don’t have a mortgage for ANY of the three properties we own, the disbelief transforms into confusion. How is it possible? Read on if you are interested to learn how to save to pay for a house in CASH.  A mortgage is a common practice Yes, it is probably true that the most common practice is to mortgage your house when you are looking for a way to enter the housing market. Houses are expensive and normally […]

Cutting expenses vs earning more money_

CUTTING expenses vs EARNING more money?

Searching for ways to achieve your financial goal, we often look at two major options: spending less and earning more. But which is best? Cutting expenses vs earning more money: who wins the prize? Obviously, both create a way to save more money. By spending less and cutting your costs you can keep more money in your bank account. By earning more money you can increase your income. This will probably result in saving more money as long as you don’t start spending more.  We are taught to earn more It may feel like cutting expenses and earning more money […]

Unique tips travelling on the cheap

Unique tips traveling on the CHEAP

If you have been reading more articles on our blog you probably know by now that we love to travel. Traveling can be quite a challenge when you’re trying to be budget smart. The expenses quickly add up and a few relaxing weeks can become a super costly period in the year. Let’s explore some unique tips for traveling on the cheap! Of course, there are obvious ways to cut expenses during your travels. You can look for the best flight deals and save a lot of money by booking beforehand. Another way is to focus on free events at […]

Set up your bank accounts for financial success

Set up your bank accounts for financial SUCCESS

Thinking about financially successful people you tend to picture an expensive lifestyle. Living in an enormous villa in an idyllic dream-away place. You would probably need a bank account of a millionaire to be financially successful. Right? Or is there a secret way how to set up your bank accounts for financial success? While the millionaire’s lifestyle may be a very recognizable way, it actually hasn’t got much to do with financial success. Financial success is more about creating a situation for yourself in which you are happy with the amount of money coming into your bank account given the […]

Tips when using Home Exchange

Tips using HOME EXCHANGE to save money on holidays

When looking for ways to save money and to create assets for extra income streams, it is key to look at the expenses you are already making. Which expenses do you actually have and which can you cut completely or can be reduced to a minimum? Our holiday expenses are not that high. But once when we discovered the possibilities of Home Exchange, we were super excited about the fun way it provided to save extra money. Here are our tips using Home Exchange to save money on holidays. About Home Exchange Home Exchange is a website that creates opportunities […]

How to use home exchange to save thousands of dollars on your holiday

How to use Home Exchange to save THOUSANDS of dollars

As travelers, we like to explore the world as much as possible. Given the opportunity, we set off on a new adventure in another country. Unfortunately, holidays are expensive. You have to travel to the location, pay for accommodation and rent a car or arrange transportation to get around. Add this to the extra costs of shopping, eating, and drinking, and all the fun activities you undertake and you are looking at an expense that often exceeds a few thousand dollars for a couple of weeks in the sun. So how to use Home Exchange to save thousands of dollars […]