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What is financial freedom

This blog article is about financial freedom. It covers how to define financial freedom and how you can achieve it. It also gives you information about the approach I took to retire early to travel the world full-time. This blog article is part of the cornerstone content of From Penny to Many, so I will update it regularly and add links to relevant other blog articles for further reading.   Introduction When people think about financial freedom, they probably think of someone in their late 60’s. A retired person has saved his/her whole life and has a huge pension fund. […]

“We wanted a life more aligned with our values and passions”

In ‘Money Talk’ readers who have chosen a different lifestyle, share their finances with us. This time, it’s the turn of sailing couple Alex & Lars (both 29) who switched from their corporate jobs to the sailing lifestyle two years ago. In this Money Talk, they give a glimpse into their money mindset and how they combine work, yoga, meditation and boat life while travelling the world. ‘We wanted to live a life more aligned with our values and passions and without a real plan, we took a leap of faith and bought Navika!’ Tell us your story. Who are […]

Monthly expenses overview June 2021

Monthly expense overview June 2021

The last expense blog of the first year living our life financially free! A whole year without full-time jobs, without a steady income, and without living on our savings. Instead, we use our passive income to travel around the world on our Lagoon 42 catamaran. In this blog, we share the expenses we had in the month of June 2021. We share our expenses to show you how much it costs to live this lifestyle. Our motto is ‘don’t call it a dream, call it a plan’ and we feel that if you are working to financial freedom as well, […]


In 4 steps to financial freedom

Achieving your dream in 4 steps to financial freedom. Sounds too simple to be true? Well, the process to actually achieve financial freedom isn’t complicated, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy either. As experienced experts, we were interviewed by the Dutch sailing website Zeilwereld.nl about our journey. In this blog article, we share the English version of that interview. The interview contains our most important tips to achieve financial freedom for yourself.  Disclaimer: this article was written in Dutch by Anke Haadsma and first published on zeilwereld.nl on 28 June 2021. You can find the original article here. […]

Monthly expenses overview May 2021

Monthly expense overview May 2021

As we write this, the month of July 2021 is almost coming to an end already! About time, that we share our monthly expenses May 2021 with you. If you have been following our blog and our expense overviews, you will know that May 2021 has been our first full month of sailing again after wintering in the south of Spain. If you are curious to know how much we spend this month, you will love this expense overview in which we give you our total living expenses and break them down into eight main categories. It gives a good […]

“Every kind of life comes with its own rewards and struggles”

In ‘Money Talk’ readers who have chosen a different lifestyle, share their finances with us. This time, it’s the turn of YouTube sailing couple Mandy (31) & Alex (32) from See The Little Things. In this Money Talk, they give a glimpse into their money mindset. They started their sailing adventure two years ago and just announced that a little new crew member is on the way. ‘Mainly through planning and living cheap, we were able to save up enough money to buy a sailboat within 5 years of working.’   Tell us your story. Who are you and what […]

Monthly expenses overview Featured image

Monthly expense overview April 2021

In this blog, we share the living expenses of our life on board our 42ft Lagoon sailing catamaran. This article covers everything about our monthly expense overview April 2021. It’s already the 10th monthly expense overview we publish since we left the Netherlands in July 2020 to start our full-time sailing adventure. This blog shows you how much this lifestyle actually costs us and what we spend our money on.   Our lives so far: one big change Without any doubt, the last ten months have been the most intense months of our lives. The transition from full-time land life […]


The BEST way to INVEST your money

An important part of obtaining financial freedom is investing the money you earn. Investing your money is essential in creating a passive income for yourself that will last you a lifetime. To understand your financial future, it’s important to understand the best way to invest your money for financial freedom. Investing is a container concept and not all ways of investing money are smart when it comes to achieving financial freedom. That’s why we differentiate between ‘standard’ investing and investing+. The last one is the best way to invest your money for financial freedom. In this blog article, we will […]

Money Talk header Kathi and Max

‘We are so happy we didn’t wait for retirement to see the world together’

In ‘Money Talk’ readers who have chosen a different lifestyle, share their finances with us. This time, it’s sailing couple Kathi (36) & Max’s (39) turn to give a glimpse into their money mindset. Kathi and Max live on their beautiful classic sailboat named MAKANI. They are taking a sabbatical to travel full-time. ‘As soon as we started to save our money for this big adventure and a floating home, everything else felt less exciting and eventually became irrelevant.’    Tell us your story. Who are you and what do you do? Ahoy, there future-financial-freedom-experts. We are Kathi (36) & Max […]

atomic habits

ATOMIC HABITS for Financial Freedom

Establishing good money habits is an essential part of achieving financial freedom. While financial independence may feel like a huge goal to work too, it actually is a combination of a lot of tiny changes that create remarkable results. That’s why in our Design Your Financial Freedom approach and Toolkit we use the idea of Atomic Habits to shape financial change. In this blog article, we explain more about Atomic Habits and why they are so powerful. We also share the main habits you need to create for yourself to achieve financial freedom.   About Atomic Habits People tend to […]