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How much did we spend - september 2018

How much we spend in September 2018

We try to save as much money as possible to finance our dream. In the past, we were able to save enough money to pay for our three houses in cash. In 2018 we started working with a weekly budget to maximize our savings. If you are curious to know how we live on a budget of only 100 Dollars per week you can check out our blog article about it. In this blog, we give information about how much we spend in September 2018. 

How much did we spend - september 2018

The weekly budget

We have set our weekly budget of only 100 Euros, which is around 115 US Dollars. This is the amount we allow ourselves to spend during the week on variable expenses for the household. This means that our fixed costs don’t have to be covered by the weekly budget. Also, we use our private bank accounts for individual costs. This is the case for instance when we buy clothes for ourselves or when we have other costs that are not part of living together as a couple.

Expenses September 2018

Let’s dive into the variable expenses we made in September 2018:

After the holidays in July, the month of September was all about getting into a normal regime again. We didn’t eat out as much and went to the market instead of the grocery store as much as possible. Both were huge budget savers in September 2018.

Expenses in September 2018

Groceries: 234,16 Euros

Eating and drinking out: 51,95 Euros

Total expenses: 286,11 Euros


In September we were able to spend less than 300 Euros for our joint expenses of the household. This is well within our weekly budget of 100 Euros per week, so we are pleased with this result.

To put this amount in perspective: there were also some individual costs, which were paid from our private accounts, such as costs for new clothing (158,98 Euros), presents (25,50 Euros) and costs to fix the bike at the cycle repairer (17 Euros).

Expenses overview

We will keep posting a monthly overview of our expenses and also compare months with each other so you can the progress. Please keep an eye on this blog and subscribe to the blog notifications to make sure you don’t miss the updates.

Yes, keep me updated!

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