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The BEST way to INVEST your money

An important part of obtaining financial freedom is investing the money you earn. Investing your money is essential in creating a passive income for yourself that will last you a lifetime. To understand your financial future, it’s important to understand the best way to invest your money for financial freedom. Investing is a container concept and not all ways of investing money are smart when it comes to achieving financial freedom. That’s why we differentiate between ‘standard’ investing and investing+. The last one is the best way to invest your money for financial freedom. In this blog article, we will […]

Money Talk header Kathi and Max

‘We are so happy we didn’t wait for retirement to see the world together’

In ‘Money Talk’ readers who have chosen a different lifestyle, share their finances with us. This time, it’s sailing couple Kathi (36) & Max’s (39) turn to give a glimpse into their money mindset. Kathi and Max live on their beautiful classic sailboat named MAKANI. They are taking a sabbatical to travel full-time. ‘As soon as we started to save our money for this big adventure and a floating home, everything else felt less exciting and eventually became irrelevant.’    Tell us your story. Who are you and what do you do? Ahoy, there future-financial-freedom-experts. We are Kathi (36) & Max […]

atomic habits

ATOMIC HABITS for Financial Freedom

Establishing good money habits is an essential part of achieving financial freedom. While financial independence may feel like a huge goal to work too, it actually is a combination of a lot of tiny changes that create remarkable results. That’s why in our Design Your Financial Freedom approach and Toolkit we use the idea of Atomic Habits to shape financial change. In this blog article, we explain more about Atomic Habits and why they are so powerful. We also share the main habits you need to create for yourself to achieve financial freedom.   About Atomic Habits People tend to […]

Monthly expenses overview March 2021

Our monthly expense overview | March 2021

In this blog, we share our monthly expense overview for March 2021. We give you the total expenses for the whole month of March and break it down into several categories to give more insight into where the money went. Sharing our monthly expenses has been a great experience for us so far. It’s great to get positive feedback about how valuable the information is we provide. Especially since we feel that it also provides us with a lot of insights on whether we can sustain our traveling lifestyle with our Lagoon 42 catamaran. We have written a monthly expense […]

How to start investing in real estate

How to START investing in REAL ESTATE

Real estate has always been one of the most reliable and safest ways to invest your money. Still, many people are hesitant to invest their savings into real estate, which is understandable because large sums of money are involved in such investments. In this article, we discuss two strategies of how to start investing in real estate. Each strategy has its pros and cons. It’s up to you what suits you best.   Why invest in real estate When looking from a macro perspective there are a few global trends why investing in real estate is interesting. There is a […]

Money Talk Ceylan & Alfie

‘We decided to purchase our catamaran as ‘basic’ as possible’

In ‘Money Talk’ readers who have chosen a different lifestyle, share their finances with us. This time, it’s sailing couple Alfie & Ceylan’s (both age 30) turn to give a glimpse into their money mindset. They were able to buy a catamaran – a new 40ft Fountaine Pajot – last year and are now prepping to cross the Atlantic. ‘We are completely useless at budgeting. And of course, as always, we spend way too much money on cocktails and eating out.’   Who are you and what do you do? Hi, we are Ceylan & Alfie, and we sail a […]

What does Pay Yourself First mean


Plenty of people struggle to pay their bills, mortgage, and all other expenses that they might have. As soon as a bill arrives they pay it. However, there might be someone you’re forgetting to pay – yourself. Funny, because you are more important than any creditor, right? Pay yourself first isn’t groundbreaking and pretty simple. So, what does pay yourself first mean? The benefits of pay yourself first are often not getting enough attention. And that is a shame because paying yourself first is an ideal way to set yourself up for financial success. In this blog article, we describe […]

Monthly expense overview February

Monthly expense overview | February 2021

Another monthly expense overview from the water. In this blog, we will cover the expenses we had during the month of February 2021. It covers how much we spend on groceries, eating out, maintenance on the boat, and all other costs associated with our sailing lifestyle. If you are curious about what this lifestyle costs us, you will like this monthly expense overview. About tracking our expenses Ever since we started our new lifestyle, sailing full-time with our Lagoon 42 catamaran, we have kept an overview of our monthly expenses. There are two main reasons why we do this and […]

Creative ways to save money

14 CREATIVE ways to SAVE money

If you are looking for creative ways to save money it is smart to use the double win approach. With this method, you create an extra incentive for yourself to stay on top of your game. In this article, we explain everything about the double win and give you 14 creative ideas to save money using this approach.   How to save money Saving money is essential in getting yourself to financial freedom. If you are keen to live a financially independent life, cutting expenses is actually more important than earning more money. We explain why this is the case […]

How to create an online course

How to CREATE an online COURSE

An online course is a great way to create a passive income. In this article, we cover how to create an online course and give the ultimate tips to create your own online course, including the best platform you can choose for your online course. Creating an online course is a great way to invest without having money in the bank. An online course is all about investing time. This will convert into passive income later on. If you consider making money online by sharing information on a subject you are interested in, this article is a great resource. There […]